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The Power of Lidar

I have written about this discovery, but this is the first time that the “story behind the story” has been reported. A film maker by the name of Steve Elkins has been looking for the Lost city of the Monkey … Continue reading

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Laser Scanning, UAS and Cell Towers

Inspecting the connections of a cell phone tower is dangerous work. That’s why PRENAV uses 3D laser scanning to first build a model of the tower so that the UAV can be flown close enough to get the needed resolution. … Continue reading

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3D Archaeological Research Projects Wanted

The Spatial Archaeometry Research Collaborations (SPARC) Program, a National Science Foundation-funded initiative at the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies at the University of Arkansas, is accepting applications for archaeological research projects in the spring and summer of 2016. The application … Continue reading

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Baker Adds Two Lynx Systems

If you have any doubt about the demand for mobile mapping services this press release from Michael Baker announcing they have doubled their system count from two to four should help to persuade you. “These mobile survey systems from Teledyne … Continue reading

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Lidar and GIS

Esri has recently published a book entitled, Making Spatial Decisions Using GIS and Lidar. The scenarios in this reference feature lidar as the primary data source and lidar-related analysis as the primary skill focus. Lidar is a powerful, and increasingly … Continue reading

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Autonomous Vehicles on 60 Minutes

According to the report last night on 60 Minutes some 4 million miles of highways in the U.S. will need to be mapped in high detail before the autonomous vehicle industry will be able to  support full operation. That sounds … Continue reading

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Update – 3D Scanner for Your Phone

I first covered the Eora 3D, the laser scanner for your smart phone in August. The company is announcing that you can become an early bird backer on Kickstarter for $199. You can download the free app for both iOS and … Continue reading

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I came across this valuable explanation of reflectivity on Pulsed Light’s website. They explain that there are three types – A. Diffuse Reflective B. Specular, and C. Retro-reflective. In the case of purely diffuse surfaces, we are talking about materials … Continue reading

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3D Scanning the Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was constructed as a symbol of peace in the late 18th century. However, historic events transpired which brought its image and survival into jeopardy. Napoleon once stole the entire Quadriga statue from the top of … Continue reading

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Hyperspectral on a UAS

This is going to be short as I have to leave for the airport, but one of the more impressive presentations today at the overall outstanding UAS Reno 2015 conference was from Tom Breen at Headwall Photonics. If you have … Continue reading

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