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Day 2 UAS Reno

As many of you know these regional, highly focused conferences are proving to be some of the most cost effective and valuable of the year. UAS Reno 2015 is no exception. Tuesday’s schedule included a number of single track presentations … Continue reading

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Day 1 at UAS Reno 2015

The first three days of test flights andĀ  a workshop that was attended by over 100 people are in the books at UAS Reno 2015. Today begins with a keynote by Jonathan Evans from followed by a series of … Continue reading

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Earth Imaging Satellite Constellations

Planet Labs is another group that claims they have the largest constellation of earth imaging satellites. With 87 toaster size, low earth orbit satellites in circling the earth as we speak it is an amazing story and a glimpse into … Continue reading

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UAS Mapping 2015 Reno

The next event on the crowded UAS/UAV event calendar is the ASPRS UAS Mapping 2015 which begins Monday in Reno, NV. This technical demonstration and symposium builds on the success of last year’s inaugural event which I did not attend … Continue reading

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Preserving Antiquities in 3D

A coordinated campaign is underway in the Middle East to provide locals with 3D cameras so that they can make a record of important examples of their cultural heritage. A number of organizations are involved including CyArk, whose founder Ben … Continue reading

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Topo/Bathymetric LiDAR with IR

This is an informative video from Riegl on a sophisticated combination of sensors – topo/bathymetric lidar with infrared. It’s a powerful combination that can handle a number of data collection requirements at the same time. Definitely worth a look.

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Bentley Be Inspired Awards 2015 Finalists

The finalists for this year’s Be Inspired Awards have been announced by Bentley Systems. I have the privilege this year of being a juror. As many of you know I consider this event to be number one for the entire … Continue reading

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Geiger Mode Lidar Webinar

With the increased interest in Geiger – modeĀ  and single photon lidar this webinar from last spring will help you to understand the benefits of this important new technology.

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Leica Geosystems Announces Financing Program

If you have been looking for an extra incentive to purchase 3D laser scanning hardware this recent announcement from Leica Geosystems of a financing program may be just the ticket. The press release notes, “The business-friendly financing, available across the … Continue reading

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Lidar Part of Standard Auto Braking System

This month 10 automakers agreed to voluntarily make automatic emergency braking systems standard. Automakers that are party to the agreement — Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo — haven’t hammered out a timeline for … Continue reading

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