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Searching for an Ancient Civilization

The UK-led project is trying to determine how big these communities were, and to what degree they altered the landscape. Continue reading

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FAA Announces UAS Rules – Update

Update – Here is a link to the FAA Press Release. The FAA and Department of Transportation will hold a rare Sunday morning news conference to release the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on the use of small unmanned aerial … Continue reading

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Lidar – Guided Driverless Pod

It’s closer than you think, thanks in part to the use of lidar to support the navigation. Continue reading

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Spot Takes a Lickin

Spot can take a real hit and remain on its feet thanks in part to the Velodyne lidar scanner that you see in this video – truly amazing: Continue reading

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3D Lifecycle Asset Management

The latest edition of the LiDAR News eNewsletter is now available. Continue reading

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Bentley Systems Acquires Acute3D

First, Acute3D has made it possible for anyone to sufficiently capture existing conditions with just a camera. Continue reading

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Report Card on U.S. NSDI

In this case COGO took a look at the national spatial data infrastructure in the U.S. and the results were not good. Continue reading

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Riegl User Conference 2015

Now if your thinking that the flights will be expensive I found a round trip on United for $1,000 – yes that is one thousand USD. Continue reading

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Apple Street Mapping

With that many parked cars it would seem to be a data processing nightmare. Continue reading

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Project Tango Update

This effort has the potential to be the consumer platform for 3D applications. Continue reading

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