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Mapping Tree Canopy

eCognition works with objects versus pixels. It is rule based and the more data layers you can provide the better it will work. Continue reading

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Going Mobile

Joe Romano who recounts the process Langan Engineering went through before they purchased a Pegasus. Continue reading

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The Art of Laser Scanning

In any case its an inside look into the nuances of the use of laser scanning from industry veteran Peter Folwell at Plowman Craven in the UK. Continue reading

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Lidar Market to Grow Rapidly

The market revenue is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 15.3% from 2014 to 2020. Continue reading

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Keep an Eye on Flash Lidar in 2015

things are about to change as they begin to achieve economies of scale in 2015 with their manufacturing. Continue reading

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Proposed FAA UAS Regs

The new rules will also limit flights to the pilot’s line of sight and altitude to 400-feet. Continue reading

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Magic Leap Intel

With over $500 million in VC money and the top product guy at Google joining the board I think this bears watching. Continue reading

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Automated Urban Feature Extraction

The proposed method defines a set of rules for merging segments into meaningful units according to types of urban objects Continue reading

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Using Lidar to Determine Forest Biomass

This is an important overview of the research being done by Kim Calderwood in Australia to determine the biomass of trees using 3D laser scanning. Continue reading

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Point Cloud Linked to Asset Database

This deserves a close look for those interested in lifecycle asset management. Continue reading

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