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Solid, Photo-realistc Point Clouds

“Instead, we have invented a completely new method that uses 3D objects with volume called ‘Atoms.’ Continue reading

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Eye Focusing Lidar

Imagine being able to point a lidar sensor at a specific region in a scene by simply looking at it with your eyes. Continue reading

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Two New UAS Lidar Systems Announced

The Scout uses the new Velodyne Puck and the Ranger is based on Riegl’s VUX-1. Continue reading

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Physical Reality for King Tut Tomb

During the past hundred years many antiquities have been exposed to too much human presence and unless that is restricted they are going to collapse completely. Continue reading

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Day and Night

Yet despite this most of the Built Environment that we see today was created without the benefit of 3D. Continue reading

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Gold and Lidar

This financial statement includes a reference to the use of Lidar in the search for gold in Nevada and Utah. The lidar surveys are being used in conjunction with the use of geophysical surveys and on the ground drilling programs. … Continue reading

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High Accuracy NIST LADAR

They believe the technology may be useful in diverse fields, including precision machining and assembly, as well as in forensics. Continue reading

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“Close Enough” Webinar is Next Week

Knowing if things are close enough is now determined in the office and it requires a lot of training to make that call. Continue reading

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What is Reality Computing?

I want them to answer the question, “What is reality computing and more importantly why should I care? Continue reading

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FARO 3D Opening Keynotes

In case you missed it earlier this year FARO did acquire The CAD Zone. Continue reading

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