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BIM Social Network

The company has pioneered the first web-based portal that brings BIM professionals together Continue reading

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University of Michigan 3D Museum

As you can see in the video the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology is heavily involved in the use of 3D data capture. Continue reading

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Obama Recommends Use of 3-D Maps

As reported in USA Today the Obama administration unveiled initiatives this past week that include 3-dimensional mapping to better identify flood risks, landslide hazards and coastal erosion. “It gives us a 3-D picture. That’s what makes lidar a game-changing technology,” … Continue reading

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NASA to Launch New LiDAR to Probe Ocean Ecology

NASA announced a new combined ship/aircraft field campaign that they are launching today that will use a prototype lidar to measure microscopic phytoplankton in the ocean, down to 160 feet below the surface. The lidar will be flown on NASA … Continue reading

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Colorado County Obtains COA to Fly UAS

This COA is an authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allowing the operation of an unmanned aircraft in a designated area and not for commercial use. Continue reading

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Velodyne Debuts New LiDAR Sensor

It is half the size and about 2/3 of the weight of the HDL-32E and will be attractively priced according to Wolfgang Juchmann. Continue reading

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Time Scanners: Petra

The PBS Time Scanners series moves to Petra this week – incredible scenery Continue reading

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Tracking Satellites with LiDAR

One that they have identified as needing this kind of accurate time measurement is LiDAR. Continue reading

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NASA Using MABEL to Understand Summer Snow and Ice Packs

The number and patterns of photons that come back depend on the type of ice they bounce off – whether it’s smooth or rough, watery or snow-covered. Continue reading

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UAS and LiDAR Support Rim Lighting Effect

lighting system that includes a small quadricopter drone carrying a white-light source and a lidar system. Continue reading

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