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Multi-pulse LiDARs Changing the Business Model

Until relatively recently, there were few fixed-wing aerial Lidar systems capable of supporting the necessary point density – with any sort of efficiency. Continue reading

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MAPPS Winter Meeting Follow Up

Here are some interesting personal interviews from the recent MAPPS Winter meeting. For a more complete discussion see the LiDAR News eNewsletter article. Continue reading

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Velodyne’s Calibrated Reflectivity Lands Major Order

The technology will be deployed worldwide in a complex mobile mapping application using hundreds of Velodyne sensors. Continue reading

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10 Reasons To Use Laser Scanning for Forensics

A recent post on the official FARO blog site presents 10 reasons why laser scanning should be used for forensic applications. Continue reading

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UAVs, Remote Sensing and Privacy

Aerial Services, Inc. is hosting a webinar tomorrow March 19, 2014 at 2 PM Central time entitled, “Privacy Issues Raise Concerns for Remote Sensing.” Continue reading

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LiDAR News eNewsletter Now Available

Plus don’t forget to sign up for our first LiDAR News webinar “Making Money With the Speed of Light.” Continue reading

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60 Minutes on Drones

There is no doubt this is a revolution in process. Continue reading

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Space LiDAR

The science objective is to extend satellite observations of small particles in the atmosphere from volcanoes, air pollution, dust, and smoke. Continue reading

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GPR and LIDAR – A Powerful Combination

The researchers are currently working with a mobile bridge survey vehicle that comprises a mobile 3D laser scanner, a GPR, thermographic cameras and a surface ‘profilometer’. Continue reading

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UAV Test Site Prepares to Open

we are building on our own research data that can lead to conclusions on the best ways to safely integrate UAS into our national airspace Continue reading

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