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The Integrated Built Environment Data Model

Namely the idea of an integrated Built Environment data model that extended from the globe to your desk Continue reading

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Follow On to the Ford Fusion LiDAR Research Vehicle

Reminds me of when General Motors positioned OnStar as a call in center, rather than a GPS navigation offering. Continue reading

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Investigating Clay Oil Lamps with 3D Laser Scanning

Ancient clay oil lamps provide an invaluable source of information for archaeologists as indicators of ritual, chronology, clientele, trade, and origin. Continue reading

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Cirri to Introduce Low Cost 3D Scanners

The first is software based – see the video below and the second is an actual sensor. Continue reading

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Using LiDAR to Better Understand Animal Habitat

The maps will help them better understand and track the movement of at risk caribou and grizzly bear populations. Continue reading

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LiDAR and the New Ford Fusion

I wonder if the automobile manufacturers will buy or build these in the long run. Continue reading

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Google’s Quest to Map the Planet

Their goal for location based apps is for their maps to be the operating system and if you are the operating system then you own the platform. Continue reading

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Research Gate Publishes Failures

I am not sure about the name, but with over 3 million members and a mission of publishing what went wrong with your research, who cares what the name is? Continue reading

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Mobile LiDAR Guidelines Webinar Reminder

This second in the series will emphasize the management issues of implementing this game changing 3D technology. Continue reading

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Scan to BIM Team Shares Insights on 2014

Here’s the follow up to the earlier blog on this interesting and fun idea from the folks at Imaginit Technologies. Continue reading

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