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Spatial Media Launches Geospatial Jobs Website

So if you are looking for a new opportunity or have a position open be sure to visit the GeojobsBIZ site to take advantage of this hot new geospatial jobs website. Continue reading

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3D Printing Used to Overcome Birth Defect

The next day, with special permission from the Food and Drug Administration, they implanted one of these tubes in Kaiba, the first time this has been done. Continue reading

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The Kinect 2 – WOW

Add to that the applications for skeleton mapping and muscle tracking and it is hard to imagine where this will end up in 5 years from now. Continue reading

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Nikon’s CMM Horizontal Laser Scanner Arm

the automotive industry is probably the most advanced of any when it comes to the use of laser scanning. Continue reading

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Nuclear Underwater Laser Scanner

It was recently used successfully at Nine Mile Point 1, one of the oldest reactors in the United States, to inspect the steam dryer assembly and support brackets. Continue reading

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LiDAR Pulse Densities

The folks at Watershed Sciences have created an outstanding white paper entitled, “LiDAR Pulse Densities Comparison”. Continue reading

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Google Glass Review – Wink, Wink

The Saturday Night Live folks tested Google Glass. Here is there review. Continue reading

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Situational Awareness RFI at the Tactical Level

To help address these challenges, DARPA has issued a Request for Information (RFI) about technologies that can help lead to digitization of dismounted squads. Continue reading

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Hardware Compression of LiDAR Data

Hardware compression is considerably faster than software compression, while it also alleviates the processor load. Continue reading

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Integrating Terrestrial LiDAR and Sonar Data

I had a very interesting meeting with the folks at H2H in Troy, New York today. They are definitely pushing the envelope of 3D data innovation. Continue reading

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