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Autodesk Acquires Allpoint Systems

The acquisition of Allpoint Systems reflects Autodesk’s continued investment in developing sophisticated, easy-to-use reality capture technologies. Continue reading

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Precision 3D to Provide Data Interpretation Training

It’s like they have a Ferrari sitting in the driveway and they don’t know how to drive it fast. Continue reading

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The Magic School Bus and LiDAR

What we have here is a 10 minute introductory video to explain the use of LiDAR in managing Canadian forests. Continue reading

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An Introduction to LiDAR

Leica Geosystems is reporting that more than 7,000 people have viewed their introductory videos. Continue reading

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ILMF 2013 Just Two Weeks Away

This will include a discussion of the LAS validator software effort by Lewis Graham. Continue reading

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Automated Multi-Scan Registration

In this research paper the authors explain their method for automatically registering multiple scans without the use of artificial targets for a forest plot. Continue reading

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Compact Multipurpose Mobile Laser Scanning System

The system is small, self-contained, relatively inexpensive, and easy to deploy. Continue reading

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Driverless Car Worth Trillions

It is a real eye opener about the future value of Google’s investment in driverless vehicles. Continue reading

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Emerging 3D Sensors

Look carefully at the industrial sensor on the front of this robot, imagine similar sensors with sub centimeter accuracy and comparable prices.” Continue reading

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Google Glass Hackathons

Unfortunately micro displays never made into the consumer market, but that isn’t stopping Google from launching Google Glass. Continue reading

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