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Froebel Gifts

Turns out as you will see in the video that Froebel used the blocks to teach young children about 3D. Continue reading

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Mt. St. Helens LiDAR Image

To help get those creative juices flowing for the LiDAR as Art contest highlighted in yesterday’s post I thought I would provide this image. Continue reading

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LiDAR as Art – Win an iPad

GeoDigital International is hosting the second edition of their LiDAR as Art contest. Continue reading

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3D Industry Pioneers

This time the pioneer is Steve Ball the founder of MDL in the UK. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and More

To all those that celebrate it, Merry Christmas and to those who celebrate a different holiday best wishes. Continue reading

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Automatic Feature Extraction in Flat Areas

They found that modeling the curvature of features was important in this kind of analysis. Continue reading

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LiDAR Research on the Rogue River

The project will ultimately help the BLM develop a method of analyzing LiDAR data for forest inventory and management. Continue reading

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Understanding Gully Erosion With LiDAR

In this study, the effect of point sampling density was investigated at individual gully scales. Continue reading

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Georgia Mounds – A Different Perspective

Erika Mavity provided this link to a different point of view on the mounds being investigated in Georgia by the History Channel. Continue reading

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LiDAR Industry 2012 Recap and Predictions for 2013

Please let us know what you think were the big stories in 2012 and what you think will be the big news in 2013 Continue reading

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