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LiDAR – Wiki Article

You’ll need some time for this – 27 minutes plus, but a lot of work went into creating this informative introductory video. Continue reading

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3D Laser Scanning Educational Videos

Leica Geosystems HDS has released 3 videos introducing the basic concepts of 3D laser scanning on their You Tube channel. Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

It’s one of the best holidays because their are no religious or political overtones, but more importantly it’s a time to give thanks for – well that’s up you. Continue reading

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The International Journal of Unmanned Systems Engineering

IJUSEng provides a platform for authors and researchers for communicating their latest findings, ideas and methods at the forefront of technology in the field of unmanned systems engineering. Continue reading

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Direct Dimensions Launches ShapeShot

The basic concept is to capture the 3D geometry of the person or object in the booth and then 3D print the model. Continue reading

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Post Hurricane Irene Erosion Analysis Using LiDAR Data

Leslie John Sox forwarded this video link to a project that he recently completed involving the use of LiDAR and ArcGIS Python programming. Continue reading

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LiDAR Reveals Sandy’s Destruction

In places the beach lost more than 10 feet of dune. Continue reading

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An Inside Look at NAVTEQ True

This is the most impressive mobile mapping video I have seen. Once can only imagine where this technology will be in 5 years. Continue reading

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Patent for 3D PDF Aimed at Geospatial Map Representations

The unique and interesting feature of this company’s technology is that you can interact with the 3D PDF. Continue reading

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Using Laser Scanning to Monitor Structural Walls

This report was developed in support of Kiewit for monitoring retaining walls for CalTrans. Continue reading

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