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Scientists Using LiDAR to Assess Biomass From Space

Their results compared favorably with traditional methods that are being used to estimate the biomass for the entire state of California. Continue reading

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Impressive UAV Seen at MAPPS/ASPRS

Rich Bremer, our Spatial Media rep at the MAPPS/ASPRS conference reports that one of the most interesting products on the exhibit floor is a UAV from UTC / Goodrich called the Vireo UAS. Continue reading

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Camera and LIDAR Sensor in a Single Unit

It describes a sensor system that includes a camera, LIDAR and the analysis unit all in one package for advanced driver assistant systems. Continue reading

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E57 File Format Poll

He has posed the following topic on the Linked In LiDAR group, “Quick show of hands who is using E57 and what do you think of it?” Continue reading

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LiDAR is the Most Rich Sensor

He also noted that, “Driving cars is the most important thing that computers are going to do in the next 10 years.” Continue reading

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Power Line Extraction and Feature Coding From LIDAR Webinar

This webinar will provide an overview of extracting transmission line /encroachment point data from a LIDAR point cloud using Terrasolid tools in the MicroStation CAD environment. Continue reading

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Topo – bathy LiDAR Demo

Chris Parrish has created a powerful demo of how bathymetric LiDAR works using a small UAV, laser and aquarium – ingenious. Continue reading

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Digital Preservation of Old Mission Dolores

CyArk has recently announced the availability of the digital record of Old Mission Dolores, the oldest building in San Francisco, California Continue reading

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MAPPS/ASPRS Specialty Conference is Next Week

I like this conference theme – “Ground to Cloud (R)Evolution – Emerging Technologies Supporting Geospatial Application.” Continue reading

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Free Laser Scanning Project Planning Software

Ted Knaak at Certainty 3D announced that their free TopoPlanner software is now a web app. Continue reading

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