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Digital Documentation 2012

You can be sure that Doug Pritchard and his team, which includes Historic Scotland and CyArk Europe have taken Digital Documentation 2012 up a notch. Continue reading

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Doug Pritchard To Lead CyArk Europe

Doug Pritchard will now serve as director of operations for CyArk Europe and creative director for CyArk in Oakland. Continue reading

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E57 Data Compression – The Next Step

In order to make this happen we need help from the members of this community. Continue reading

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Autonomous Vehicle Research at Oxford

The WildCat is a fully autonomous road vehicle based on a Bowler Wildcat. Continue reading

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Wearable LiDAR

End goal is to make this prototype into a handheld unit for emergency responders. Anyone doubt they can do it? Continue reading

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Checking Pipe Integrity with Laser Scanning

Creaform’s Pipecheck system performs 3D Laser Scanning of pipe surfaces to provide
instantaneous evaluation of pit depths and remaining wall thickness Continue reading

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High School Class in Laser Scanning

This is the kind of grass roots program that we all need to support and promote in our local communities. Continue reading

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Real Time Airborne Flash LiDAR

Merrick has been working with Roy on this and he says the results have been “incredible”. Continue reading

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Center for Disease Control and Prevention Studying the Use of LiDAR

The research project was begun a year ago by Gerald J. Joy to see if the technology could be used to reliably measure coal mine dust. Continue reading

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An Update on Driverless Vehicles

Think 16 year old texting while driving. Continue reading

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