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FARO and Trimble Sign OEM and Distribution Agreement

In what has to be one of the biggest news stories of the year FARO and Trimble have announced the signing of an OEM and Distribution agreement. Continue reading

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Rattle Space Clearance Survey

In fact, this Cannon reports they recently used 3D laser scanning to analyze the required “rattle space” clearance dimensions for the Delta IV booster rocket tanks and the newly constructed service platforms Continue reading

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Virtual Tour of Orkney’s Maeshowe Tomb

Older than Stone Henge and most of the pyramids this tomb is another incredible example of people were able to accomplish with just human ingenuity. Continue reading

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Crowd Sourcing 3D Models with the Kinect

Their goal is to develop a vast library of 3D images that can be used to improve many aspects of life. Continue reading

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Jay Leno and 3D Laser Scanning

It is my dream in life to be invited to take a tour of Jay Leno’s car and motorcycle collection. Continue reading

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LiDAR Archaeology

Those bare earth models are incredibly powerful detective tools. Continue reading

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The Next 3D Innovation

Instead of true innovation companies can get trapped in what is more correctly termed renovation, which does nothing to advance them in the marketplace. Continue reading

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Indoor Navigation Coalition

This group plans to use Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi to make indoor navigation work. Continue reading

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A New Business Concept – White Space

This reminded me of what I have been hearing about mobile LIDAR not being accepted by some DOTs. Continue reading

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ASTM E57 Open Source Software Update

Stan Colby from the ASTM E57.04 Data Interoperability subcommittee tells me that he has uploaded a new version of the libraries, which now includes support for Linux. Continue reading

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