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Visualizing a Subdivision Using LiDAR Data

It would have been incredible to have the site covered with LiDAR and to be able to manipulate the DTM as shown in this video. Continue reading

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LiDAR News Magazine Hits the Street

The latest edition of LiDAR News the magazine is now available both online and in print. Continue reading

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Survey Summit Opens Tomorrow

The Survey Summit hosted by ACSM and Esri opens tomorrow in San Diego. Continue reading

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Using the ASTM E57 Format for Archiving

Second we are seeking input on the use of the standard for archiving of point cloud data. One area of particular interest is the creation of as-builts for construction projects. Continue reading

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LiDAR Processing with LAStools

Continuing with the video training theme Martin Isenburg demonstrates how to use his open source LAStools software to process LiDAR data. Continue reading

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The Electric Canvas

WOW!!! Now this is amazing and a much better example of why you would need to laser scan the building facade in order to develop this kind of 3D animation. Continue reading

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Educational LiDAR Videos

Chris Hopkinson sent me a list of you tube LiDAR videos that were posted by the government of Alberta Canada. Continue reading

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Using a Building Facade to Project 3D Animation

In this project recap the team at Laser Scanning Europe explain how laser scanning was used to capture the surface details of a building facade that was going to be the projection surface for a 3D image. Continue reading

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LiDAR Video for Archaeological Apps

Robin Woywitka delivered a presentation on how LiDAR data is being used to help the work of the Archaeological Survey in Alberta. Continue reading

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Quick Report from the NCPTT

This conference was great. The NCPTT recorded all the sessions and plans to post video on the NCPTT/NPS website (somewhere) eventually. Continue reading

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