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Point Cloud Database Standard

I received a request yesterday for the ASTM E57.04 subcommittee to consider developing a standard for storing point cloud data in a database Continue reading

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LIDAR Derived Bare Earth Model Finds Fault

This is an impressive example of the power of LIDAR data for identifying geologic faults. Continue reading

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Missouri DOT Issues Request for LIDAR Services

The Missouri DOT has issued a request for on-call LIDAR services. Continue reading

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Practical Applications of LIDAR ASCE Seminar

The ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers is offering a one day seminar entitled, ” Practical Applications of LIDAR”. Continue reading

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LIDAR Assists SpaceX’ s Dragon with Historic Mission

NASA reported that the “Crew used Laser Instrument Distance and Range (LIDAR) to determine the Dragon range (2780 meters) once Dragon crossed the R-Bar. Continue reading

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U.S. Air Force Impressed with Laser Scanning

In this official U.S. Air Force article the 46th Test Wing’s Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office located at Eglin reports on their recent purchase of a 3-D laser scanner system. Continue reading

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Native Support for LiDAR in ArcGIS 10.1

This video provides a sneak peak at the native support for LiDAR in ArcGIS 10.1. Continue reading

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Mobile Scanning in Helsinki

Mika Salolahti from TerraSolid sent me the link to an interesting video showing the results of a mobile laser scanning project in Helsinki, Finland. Continue reading

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Low Cost Motion Controller Accurate to 0.01 mm

Leap Motion has designed a motion controller technology that has 2oox the accuracy of anything else on the market and is going to sell for $70. Continue reading

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Boeing’s Indoor Mobile Laser Scanning Platform

Looks like Boeing has plans to use laser scanning in the production of their aircraft – interesting mobile platform. Continue reading

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