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USGS CLICK Bulletin Board Will Be Disabled on May 9

“We regret to inform you that the CLICK Bulletin Board will be disabled due to Department of Interior security mandates until further notice. Continue reading

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kubit and Autodesk to Host Webinar

This session will demonstrate how point clouds can be used effectively in plant design and integrated with Autodesk’s AutoCADĀ® Plant 3D software. Continue reading

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Webinar – Maximize Your LiDAR Investment with ERDAS IMAGINE

Whether collected by LIDAR sensors or created via stereo imagery correlation software, high resolution point clouds provide rich data sources for a variety of real-world applications Continue reading

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Trimble Acquires Sketchup

It certainly seems that Trimble has a much larger vision of where it wants to go than most of us would have guessed. Continue reading

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Point Density vs. Accuracy

It’s a EuroSDR study on applying automated algorithms to point clouds gathered from Aerial Systems. Continue reading

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“Consumer Reports” for the Laser Scanning Industry

A group of us were discussing the idea today of a “Consumer Reports” for the laser scanning industry. Continue reading

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The Photogrammetry Model for Data Acquisition

Namely, that they leave the data acquisition to the service providers and focus internally on data processing and management. Continue reading

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An Introduction to Automated Mobile Survey

The team at Allpoint created Automated Mobile Survey (AMS) to maximize the performance of existing laser scanning tools. Continue reading

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The USIBD is Officially Launched

If you have an interest in building documentation the USIBD would like to encourage you to become a member and to hopefully volunteer to serve on one of the committees. Continue reading

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Using LIDAR: How Much is Enough?

They did a comparison of airborne and mobile LIDAR and photogrammetric methods for creating a TIN, Continue reading

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