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See Around Corners with Laser Light & CODAC

Not a lot of time today to discuss, but here are a couple of MIT Media Lab glimpses into the future. Continue reading

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Mobile LIDAR Meeting at ASPRS 2012

Everyone is under a lot of pressure to deliver, but the industry needs to decide whether developing standards matters. Continue reading

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LIDAR-based Wet-areas Mapping Video

The video was created using full-resolution LiDAR point cloud elevations and high-resolution image drapes Continue reading

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Google To Provide ASPRS 2012 Keynote

I think it is certainly fair to say that Google has been demonstrating that in fact it is possible to make access to complex technology appear quite simple. Continue reading

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ASPRS 2012 This Week

The center of the LiDAR universe is going to be in Sacramento, California at the Convention Center starting Monday March 19 and running through Friday the 23rd for ASPRS 2012 Continue reading

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What Determines the Quality of a 3D Laser Scan?

When I ask what determines the quality of a scan, it does not seem that easy to succinctly explain. Continue reading

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Full Waveform Hyperspectral LIDAR Sensor

This “novel instrument produces a 3D point cloud with spectral backscattered reflectance data”. Continue reading

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SPAR 2012 Discount Registration

Please join LiDAR News at the 9th annual SPAR International Conference on “End-to-End 3D” taking place April 15-18, 2012 at The Woodlands (Houston), Texas. Continue reading

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Mobile Rail Scanning in Germany

The German rail system is as advanced as any in the world, relying heavily on the use of laser scanning. Continue reading

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Mobile Laser Scanning with the FARO Focus3D

Jeff Fagerman from LiDAR USA contacted me today to inform me that he has developed a mobile laser scanning system using FARO’s Focus 3D Continue reading

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