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The Balloon and LIDAR

Of particular interest to the LIDAR community is Ben Brook’s (UH Manoa) talk, ”The Balloon and Lidar” about his work with Craig Glennie (University of Houston) to build a balloon (or backpack) based lidar system. Continue reading

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Apple Working on 3D Imaging Camera

In a patent application that recently became public Apple is proposing to develop a 3D imaging camera that could include the use of LIDAR. Continue reading

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Mobile Laser Scanning Project Data Traceability

In the case of a dispute that might arise at a later date having the trajectory data archived with the point cloud would provide highly valuable traceability. Continue reading

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LIDAR Provides Clearer Picture of Tropical Carbon

Lidar is very good at telling you how tall and how complex the vertical structure of the forest is. Continue reading

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Laser Scanning, 3D Modeling, and BIM

4 hour training course on June 14, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona entitled, “Laser Scanning, 3D Modeling, and BIM – The 3D Future in Construction”. Continue reading

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Robust Aerial Navigation in GPS-Denied Enivronments

This is one of the most impressive demonstrations of the capability of the use of laser scanning, LIDAR and SLAM. Continue reading

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Laser Scanning Nuclear Vessels

Westinghouse, after successful tests at two U.S. nuclear plants, has entered into an agreement with Newton Labs to use its non-contact, underwater laser scanning technology. Continue reading

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Rapid Technologies and Smart Manufacturing

Technologies include 3d imaging, modeling, 3d printing (additive manufacturing), laser cutting and CNC milling (subtractive manufacturing). Continue reading

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Open Standards for Real – Time 3D Communication

I think there is a real opportunity to align the 3D laser scanning world with this group, thereby leveraging all the work that they have done on the topic of communicating 3D information in real time. Continue reading

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Mapping Companies Adding LIDAR Sensors

As further evidence of the growing LIDAR market 2 geospatial firms announced this week that they added new LIDAR sensors. Continue reading

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