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Riegl LIDAR 2012 Day 2

As I was listening to the presentations it did hit me – this is a user conference, not an industry event. Continue reading

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Miniaturizing LIDAR Systems

“With UAVs coming on how small can we get a LIDAR sensor package?” Continue reading

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HAER Employs Laser Scanning and kubit

This article explains how HAER is using 3D laser scanning, AutoCAD, and kubit to document the history of the built environment in America. Continue reading

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Rapidform Success USA 2012

Their powerful point cloud engines and surface modeling capability are just as mature as any products on the market. Continue reading

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3D Laser Scanning/LIDAR Business is Booming

From every indicator that I can see the 3D laser scanning and LiDAR business is booming. Continue reading

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Riegl LIDAR 2012

This week it is Riegl who is offering their first user event – Riegl LIDAR 2012. Continue reading

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LIDAR Workshop 2012

This workshop reviews the latest concepts involving light detection and ranging (LiDAR), its real-world applications, current data processing and quality control approaches. Continue reading

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Mind the Gap

Having participated in the adoption of GIS as standard operating procedure I can tell you that the heavy lifting was done on the organizational side not the technical. Continue reading

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Google Goggles

The need for 3D information is going to be even greater. No wonder Google has been mobile laser scanning the world. Continue reading

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Over 270 Attend First Faro 3D Documentation Conference

The great thing about this event is the mix of metrology and longer range scanning users that are in the same room. Continue reading

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