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Autodesk Labs Updates Installer For Revit Point Cloud Feature – Turns 30

If you have had problems with installing the new point cloud feature extraction tool for Revit I guess you were not the only one Continue reading

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Help a Grad Student with Laser Scanning Research

Technology such as Point-Cloud Laser Scanning may be an important area of opportunity and improvement relative to measured survey principles for building surveying in the future. Continue reading

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USGS Uses Ground Based LiDAR For Dam Removal Project

this video is downstream from the Elwha and Glines Canyon Dams, both of which are being removed in the largest dam removal project in U.S. history. Continue reading

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LiDAR Workshop Training in Minnesota

The University of Minnesota’s Water Resources Center is offering a number of LiDAR training workshops focused on conservation applications during March and April Continue reading

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Assessing Biodiversity in 3D with LiDAR

Greg Asner, lead research scientist from the Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University is using LiDAR and I assume a hyperspectral camera to assess the habitat of the Amazon rainforest. Continue reading

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NCPTT 3D Digital Documentation Summit

NCPTT – the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training in conjunction with the Intermountain Regional Office and the Presidio Trust will be hosting a three day summit on digital documentation for the preservation of cultural heritage. Continue reading

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LiDAR Magazine Available Online and in Print

With all the work that goes into producing LiDAR Magazine I just want to be sure that everyone is aware that third digital version is now available here. Continue reading

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ADESK Labs Announces Feature Extraction for Revit

This is a free technology preview that allows you to work with point cloud more easily in Revit. Continue reading

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ILMF 2012 Day 2

Airborne LiDAR may be maturing after 15+ years, but in many ways it is still in the early stages of theoretical development. Continue reading

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ILMF 2012 Day 1

The second day will feature a dual track in the morning – Data Fusion and Coastal Zone and in the afternoon the focus will be on recent projects. Continue reading

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