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LAS 1.4 Approved

After a long summer of often contentious debate the ASPRS LAS committee has decided to maintain full backward and forward compatibility according to Martin Isenburg. Continue reading

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3D LiDAR Topography – Before and After Irene

The analysis provides a very informative look at the use of LiDAR to asses damage and coastal zone impact. Continue reading

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FAA LiDAR Follow Up

MAPPS is seeking examples of FAA policies, regulations, circulars, directives, or practices that are deterring, impeding or inhibiting operations of LiDAR or installation of LiDAR systems in aircraft. Continue reading

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FAA Approves Use of LiDAR

The Federal Aviation Agency recently has finally agreed to allow LIDAR for image deliverables associated with Airport GIS. Continue reading

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FARO Focus3D Named Best New Innovation

Popular Science Magazine has just named FARO’s Focus3D laser scanner to the Best of What’s New List for 2011. Continue reading

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The BIG 3D Laser Scanning/LiDAR Stories for 2011

I want to take note of the top 2 or 3 laser scanning/LiDAR news stories for 2011. Continue reading

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CloudWorx for Revit

The development of Leica CloudWorx for Revit was enabled by an API introduced by Autodesk with Revit 2012 in March 2011 Continue reading

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LiDAR and Landscape Archaeology

This slide presentation, prepared by Keith Challis provides an excellent intro to LiDAR technology as it applies to landscape archaeology Continue reading

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LiDAR Data Management Webinar

LizardTech is hosting a webinar entitled, “Easily Manage Large Imagery and LiDAR Datasets”. Continue reading

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Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

This is the kind of original thinking and innovation that just might lead to the next generation laser scanner. Continue reading

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