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Riegl Promotional Video

That being said I found the content and imagery to be very interesting and educational including the integration of the digital camera and the waveform digitization. Continue reading

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Laser Scanning Sewer Pipes

With the new WinCan Laser module, you can perform laser profiling of storm and sewer pipes using any crawler and laser hardware. Continue reading

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LiDAR Used to Study Landslides

They mapped landslide hazards along Interstate 5 using LIDAR to see through vegetation and reveal highly detailed images of land forms. Continue reading

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The International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era

The Forthcoming Papers includes an impressive number of topics that will certainly be of interest to this community and beyond. The topics go well beyond laser scanning. Continue reading

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Recording the Devastation in Chile

As this article in Our Amazing Planet points out it is a bit macabre, and dangerous as well to go into the aftermath of, in this case an earthquake and tsunami in Chile, but that did not stop Mike Olsen’s … Continue reading

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BIM for Infrastructure?

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that there could be a better catch phrase for the application of intelligent database technology to the use of CAD as it applies to infrastructure projects? Continue reading

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Laser Scanning Supports Central Park

This beautiful celebration of Central Park in New York City is part of a fund raising effort as described in this article in ADWEEK. Continue reading

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3D Forests

What do you get when you combine an airborne LiDAR sensor with an imaging spectrometer – the ability to create a highly detailed 3D forest. Continue reading

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The Meaning of +/- 1/4″

Is there any survey control/ laser scanner combination on the market today that can meet that requirement, at a reasonable cost, or any cost for that matter. Continue reading

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Google’s LiDAR-based Self Driving Car

It appears that Google is investing in developing their LiDAR guided, self driving car as their “moat around the castle” strategy. Continue reading

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