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Esri Survey Summit

The Esri Survey Summit begins a week from today in San Diego, CA and runs through July 12. Continue reading

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ASC’s Flash LiDAR Technology

Tom Laux was nice enough to supply a very interesting slide deck on ASC’s flash LiDAR cameras. Continue reading

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Redzone Impresses President Obama with LiDAR

Redzone is a start-up company that specializes in the use of LiDAR-equipped robots to inspect wastewater pipes and infrastructure. Continue reading

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What is LAS?

For those who are new to the topic the wiseGEEK offers a straightforward answer to the question what is the LAS file format. Continue reading

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3D Bone Modeling Using Laser Scanning

Turns out it is quite a challenge to laser scan bone due to its porosity and subtle variations. Continue reading

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Laser Scanning Primer

This is an excellent introduction to the process of reverse engineering, but in a larger sense it is also a general set of best practices for the use of laser scanning in general. Continue reading

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LAS 1.4 Debate

There is a new version of LAS in the works – LAS 1.4. Continue reading

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Simulating a LiDAR Point Cloud

If I understand this challenge correctly this individual is trying to simulate a LIDAR point cloud. Continue reading

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3D Flash LiDAR Controls Mars Landing

I found this product description from ASC of their Flash LIDAR unit to be fascinating. Continue reading

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Point Cloud Library

Well I guess that answers my question about open source LiDAR. Continue reading

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