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Multisensor Metrology Coming of Age

In some ways I think the metrology world is ahead of 3D laser scanning – their workflows are more integrated,which makes me wonder if there are some lessons, perhaps some important lessons to be learned. Continue reading

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Optech Announces New Shallow Water LiDAR

Bathymetric LiDAR systems are typically in the range of $4 million dollars. The new Optech Aquarius shallow water mapping solution is going to be priced significantly below that. Continue reading

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Optech’s User Conference Set to Kick Off

Optech’s second Innovative LiDAR Solutions Conference kicks off today with a number of technical training sessions. Continue reading

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Mobile Scanning a Rail Line

This is a very informative video featuring the Riegl VMX – 250 mobile laser scanning system. The clearance envelope feature is a great visual. Continue reading

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Memorial Day in the USA

It’s Memorial Day here in the US today – a time to remember all of the people who have given so much for this country and continue to do so. Continue reading

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LiDAR Chip Set For Crash Avoidance

LIDAR systems are among the first active safety features coming into volume production. Continue reading

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Validation of LiDAR Technology

When the Economist publishes an article entitled “Lidartector” with a subtitle of “How to tell if countries are cheating on their conservation commitments” I think it is fair to say that LiDAR technology has arrived. Continue reading

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Comparing Laser Scanning with Photogrammetry

Bottom line – they found that laser scanning has a number of advantages over photogrammetry including speed of data collection and resolution. Continue reading

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Compliance with Laser Scanning Standards

We are having a constructive debate within the ASTM E57.04 Data Interoperability subcommittee concerning the compliance of an E57 file to the approved standard. Continue reading

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Optech’s Innovative LiDAR Solutions Conference

The first stop is Toronto, Canada to attend Optech’s 2nd ILSC – Innovative LiDAR Solutions Conference which runs from May 31 – June 3. Continue reading

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