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Trimble Working on BIM Standards

Hopefully this will lead to discovery of how the sensor companies can actually add value to BIM workflows, as opposed to some of the “magic” that is supposed to occur with Scan to BIM. Continue reading

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Mobile Mapping the City of Charleston, WV

In fact by the time Michael Baker is done with this Mobile LiDAR mapping project they will have a created a complete 3-D model of the entire city, according to an article in the Charleston Gazette. Continue reading

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Swedish Transport Administration Goes Mobile

Swedish Transport Administration adopts Mobile LiDAR. Continue reading

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Mobile LiDAR and Pavement Resurfacing

Check out Jason Amadori’s blog post on the use of Mobile LiDAR to measure pavement cross slope. Continue reading

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ASPRS 2011 and Mobile Mapping Systems Committee

It’s a very full agenda, including a number of LiDAR sessions that attracts the leading industry and academic professionals from around the world. Continue reading

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Vessel-Based Mobile Laser Scanning

One of the more interesting multi-sensor combinations is to use a boat as a platform for LiDAR and multi-beam sonar. Continue reading

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Encasing Chernobyl Video

It really makes one wonder how it has taken this long to propose this and if it ever will get done. Continue reading

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FME Webinar – Take Control of Your LiDAR Data

This past January Safe Software announced support for LiDAR data in their flagship FME software product. Continue reading

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3D Laser Scanned Water Pipe Inspection

Red Zone Robotics has developed a large diameter inspection robot equipped with a 3D laser scanner. Continue reading

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Laser Scanning Christchurch Rockfalls

Laser Scanning Christchurch Rockfalls Continue reading

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