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You can use IFSAR for the wide, less developed areas and LiDAR when you need more detail. Continue reading

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Safe Software Adds Support for LiDAR

This 10 minute FME 2011 product video provides a very interesting demo of the software’s ability to work with LiDAR data. Continue reading

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Terrestrial Laser Scanner Resolution

The obtained results allow the optimization of a terrestrial laser scanning survey in terms of acquisition time and surface details recognition. Continue reading

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Laser Scanning Art

like the facade of a file cabinet, I really didn’t get it, but what Lead Pencil Studio has done with laser scans of architectural details is really pretty cool. Continue reading

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LiDAR People Tracking

Just another app to add to the growing list of mass market uses of LiDAR and laser scanning – people tracking for security, and I suppose many other purposes. Continue reading

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SilviLaser 2011

What I find impressive is the fact that this is the eleventh international LiDAR forest applications conference. Continue reading

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3D Image Applications – Beta

I have had 2 follow-ups to the recent post on consumer scanning – both are beta products, and both are websites that offer a service. Continue reading

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Leica HDS Conference Joins Intergraph and Hexagon

This will bring together laser scanning, airborne sensors, survey and engineering, machine control, and metrology from the Hexagon side, plus the extensive Intergraph software applications. Continue reading

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3-D Object Scanner for the iPhone

You knew it had to happen. Scanning and mobile devices had to intersect. It does not use stereo cameras, white light or laser scanners. Continue reading

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LiDAR + Military & Picresize

The one I stumbled upon used the keywords “LiDAR” and “Military”. This search returned 51 documents – many of which look quite interesting. Continue reading

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