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Caltrans Terrestrial Laser Scanning Specs

It’s official – the final version of the California Dept. of Transportation’s Terrestrial Laser Scanning Specifications has been issued. Continue reading

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3D Laser Scanner Throwdown

if you are in the area I think it will be worth attending, especially if you are new to 3D laser scanning. Continue reading

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The Social Web and Laser Scanning

I have “laser scanning” and “LiDAR” Google alerts set up. Continue reading

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The BIM Kiosk and Laser Scanning

Now imagine a live feed from a laser scanner that allows comparison of the 3D design model with the as-found point cloud and highlights potential conflicts. Continue reading

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It’s All About (Laser Scanned) Data

This is the name of Dale Lutz’s blog (minus the laser scanned of course) and I could not agree more, which is the way it should be. Continue reading

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CAD and Point Clouds

The long established MicroSurvey has announced support for point clouds with the release of CAD Ultimate. Continue reading

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NASA’s LiDAR Sets Record

With respect to NASA’s HSRL – the High Spectral Resolution LiDAR this was not the case. Continue reading

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Kinect-powered Holographic TV

I can’t say that I completely understand all of the physics supporting this, but a few of the creative minds at MIT are working on development of what they are calling holographic TV. As reported by Kit Eaton in this … Continue reading

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Laser Scanning Spatial Data Infrastructure

It would certainly have to include discussions of LiDAR mapping and I would assume 3D cities. Continue reading

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Safe Software Manages LiDAR Data

If you are struggling with managing LiDAR data sets take a look at FME 2011. Continue reading

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