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LiDAR and the Electric Grid

Utility Risk Management Corporation is a leader in the analysis of vegetation risk through the application of LiDAR and other remote sensing techniques. Continue reading

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Mandates, LiDAR and Electric Transmission Lines

a recent ruling by the NERC – the North American Electric Reliability Corporation has led to a significant increase in demand for transmission line LiDAR mapping services. Continue reading

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Laser Scan Data Add-in for Revit

The long awaited support for point clouds inside Revit is now a product called Scan to BIM. Continue reading

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Error Analysis of Terrestrial Laser Scanning

These Spanish authors claim to present “a complete analysis of the positional errors of terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) data based on spherical statistics and 3D graphs.” Continue reading

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Comparing Field and LIDAR-Derived Forest Data

They sampled 94 sites and concluded that LiDAR was an effective tool to accurately characterize forest successional stage where field measurements are not available. Continue reading

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Using Laser Scanning to Predict Avalanches

thanks to the Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment – SASE in India they are finding that laser scanning can be a valuable tool in this ongoing research effort. Continue reading

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Laser Scanning Smaller Crime Scenes

In this article the authors points out that to some laser scanning may seem out of reach or overkill, but the ROI can be significant even for smaller departments, Continue reading

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RICS Issues Client Guide on Laser Scanning

It’s another indicator of how far laser scanning is penetrating into the daily activities of the typical surveyor, not just us early adopters. Continue reading

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Laser Scanning the Scottish Ten

They just finished laser scanning the “Heart of Neolithic Orkney”, which includes the Skara Brae a 5,000 year old settlement. Continue reading

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Wind LiDAR Advances

Calibrating and certifying results from a wind LiDAR often involve comparisons with meteorological or Met towers at varying heights. Continue reading

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