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Laser Scans in Google SketchUp

This should be a powerful combination of 3D point cloud data, visualization and mass market usage. Continue reading

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Kinect To Revolutionize 3D Imaging?

But it gets much more interesting when you think about using it to capture “true” 3D video or store 3D point cloud data. This reminds me of the first $100 handheld GPS – WOW!!!! Continue reading

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LiDAR Analysis for Forestry Apps

After presenting the basics on how LiDAR works and the important topic of creating surface models the paper then moves into calculation of biomass density and tree height estimation. Continue reading

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Geospatial Revolution #2

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Scanning the Nottingham Caves

This outstanding video is the result of laser scanning investigations by the folks at Trent and Peak Archaeologists and the University of Nottingham. Continue reading

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Laser Scanning Legos to Make Legos

This is just a fun reference to a “do-it-your-self 3D laser scanner made of Lego used to scan Lego pieces to use it in a Lego 3D design software to build more Lego”. Continue reading

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A Time for Giving

Perhaps next year we will get the LiDAR News Challenge organized – that is on my New Year’s to do list. Continue reading

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FEMA Standards for LiDAR

The Idaho LiDAR Consortium should also be congratulated and supported for their efforts to disseminate information about LiDAR collects in the state. Continue reading

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Optech Calls for LiDAR Papers and Navteq Acquires 3D Firm

Optech is going to host the Second Innovative LiDAR Solutions Conference in Toronto, Canada on May 31 – June 3, 2011. Continue reading

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Improving LiDAR Fidelity

The patent issued involves a LiDAR (light detection and ranging) and digital camera system designed to collect data and generate a three-dimensional image. Continue reading

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