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Laser Scanning Course for High School Students

The National Science Foundation -NSF is sponsoring a course at the University of Arkansas for high school and college students that they are describing as a “3D Recording and Visualization Training Program”. Continue reading

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Preparing Mt. Rushmore for Laser Scanning

The US National Park Service is doing the prep work for a 3D laser scanning data collection at Mount Rushmore. Continue reading

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Point Clouds as Basis for 3D Computer Graphics Breakthrough

1. Unlimited Detail claims to have software that is capable of producing 3D graphics without the need for special hardware.
2. The technology is based on the use of a point cloud search algorithm.
3. The graphics card manufacturers are skeptical, but the video offers some valuable insights.

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An Analysis of Laser Scanning Field Methods

1. Sea cliff erosion presented this research team with a number of field challenges.
2. The public location made control monumentation a challenge as was the dynamic nature of the tides.
3. The uncertainty analysis used would be of value in planning other similar projects.
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How Atmospheric LiDAR Works

I came across this PowerPoint presentation by Dana Tilley in which he explains how atmospheric lidar works, and some of the state of the art research that he is involved with. Continue reading

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New Jersey To Expand Use of LiDAR

The Press of Atlantic City reports that the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is joining the New England states with a LiDAR data collect of the southern coastline. Continue reading

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Met’s LiDAR-Equipped Jet Unavailable During Crisis

According to this report from the Sunday Times the UK weather service the only LiDAR-equipped jet was unavailable for 1 week during the volcanic ash crisis. Continue reading

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LiDAR Finds World’s Tallest Eucalyptus Tree

Just short of 100 m Rashid reports that this makes this tree the world’s tallest flowering plant. Continue reading

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LiDAR Navigation

The researchers, who call the technology 3D LIMS (3D LIDAR Imaging and Measurement System), foresee a broad range of applications for it, from navigating autonomous vehicles around airports to monitoring industrial equipment and enhancing security surveillance. Continue reading

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V-Shaped Economic Recovery

1. The economy is accelerating, led by the consumer.
2. Autodesk’s stock has taken off this week.
3. A new software product has to be significantly better and less expensive to replace an installed seat.

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