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L-Kopia’s 2D + 1D = 3D

1. Lars Lundberg has spent his career in surveying and scanning railways and tunnels.
2. He points out that a 2D scanner can provide superior results to a 3D system.
3. The list of completed projects and customers is evidence of the success of L-Kopia’s approach.
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The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training

1. The NCPTT is part of the National Park Service, US Dept. of the Interior.
2. Professor Bernard Frischer is an expert in digital heritage.
3. He has developed an incredible simulated version of ancient Rome.
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Evaluating Forest Fire Damage Using LiDAR

1. LiDAR can be used in conjunction with digital aerial photography to remotely classify the degree of forest fire damage.
2. An increase in the number of ground points indicates more heavily damaged areas.
3. This research is reported in the March 2010 PE & RS.
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ERDAS is offering a free webinar on managing and exploiting LiDAR data. The webinar will take place on April 20, 2010 at 11 AM EST. Continue reading

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1. BISDM is an acronym for Building Information Spatial Data Model.
2. A volunteer org supports the creation of a GIS data model for buildings.
3. This seems more holistic and more able to support 3D data for the Built Environment.

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Laser Scanning for Forensics and Homeland Security Webinar

Leica Geosystems is hosting a free webinar for law enforcement agencies only on April 1, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. EDT. Continue reading

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AutoCAD 2011 Point Cloud Support – Clarified

1. The point cloud support in AutoCAD 2011 does not support real world coordinates.
2. It is meant for a different user group.
3. There is an interesting discussion taking place on the Laser Scanning Forum.
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FBI Using Laser Scanning in Afghanistan

The FBI will use high-tech tools to produce a virtual recreation of the prison at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, according to a new court filing. This will include the use of laser scanning. Continue reading

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Navteq Using Laser Scanning to Create 3D Views

A PC Magazine article highlights Navteq’s use of mobile scanning to capture data for their 3D city models. Continue reading

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Another Laser Scanning Blog

I just came across SCANable – The Ultimate Resource for All Things Laser Scanning/LIDAR related Continue reading

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