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Maptek’s I-Site 8800 Designed for Long Range Scanning

1. Maptek has announced the I-Site 8800, a long distance scanner.
2. The maximum range is 2,000 meters.
3. This is ideal for mining and similar earthwork applications.

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New ASTM Laser Scanning Data Standard

1. The semi-annual ASTM E57.04 Data Interoperability subcommittee is meeting next week.
2. Expectations are running high that we will emerge with a new data exchange format.
3. Once adopted by the committee, end users need to demand that the vendor community support it.

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Surface Roughness Key to LiDAR Feature Extraction

1. Lin and Mills paper in the current PE & RS identifies surface roughness as the variable affecting LiDAR pulse width.
2. Other factors such as slope and scan angle, amplitude and footprint size were fairly stable for different land cover types.
3. This points to the promise of small footprint waveform LiDAR systems leading to more automated feature extraction capabilities.

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Trimble VX Laser Scanner Adds Range

Trimble has just announced a highly demanded feature for their Trimble VX. The 3D scanning range has been greatly extended and now reaches 250 meters. This makes the Trimble VX an even more versatile and productive solution for the 3D scanning users as it means less setups of the instrument for more data collected from one position. Continue reading

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Converting Building into BIM with Laser Scanning

1. Clark Construction is committed to a well planned preconstruction phase on their projects.
2. They hired Direct Dimensions to help build a BIM of an existing hospital heating plant.
3. Laser scanning is an enabling technology for BIM, IPD, VDC and the coming AEC revolution.
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LiDAR Used to Understand Wildfire Pollution

1. The US Forest Service is using LiDAR to better understand the behavior of wildfire smoke plumes.
2. One of the earliest uses of LiDAR was in the 1960’s to track aerosols in the atmosphere.
3. The scanner can be safely located outside of the emergency zone.

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Get Linked In

If you are not a member of Linked In then you are potentially missing out on a valuable online resource. Continue reading

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Seeing the Forest and the Trees

1. Ireland-based, Treemetrics has developed patent pending software for estimating tree volume from laser scans.
2. This can lead to significant improvement in forest management.
3. Currently the plan is for the data processing to be done by Treemetrics.
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Laser Scanning the New F10 BMW 5 Series

1. The automotive industry is one of the most sophisticated users of laser scanning.
2. Paul Tan provides an in-depth look into the design of a new BMW and how laser scanning fits in.
3. The Powerbench is BMW’s high end virtual reality and visualization system used to do the design reviews.

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Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry

1. Usually LiDAR does not return usable information from a body of water.
2. The USACE has established the JALBTCX – the Joint Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry Technical Center of Expertise.
3. If the coastal zone is your area of interest this is a group that you might want to interact with.

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