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Using Silverlight MediaPlayer to Index Large LiDAR Datasets

# CadMaps is using Silverlight to create a video index to large LiDAR datasets.
# The video acts as pointer into the file.
# LiDAR cross sections are rapidly retrieved and displayed on the fly.
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LiDAR Used to Track Landmine-Hunting Honey Bees

1. Honey bees can be trained to locate land mines with great accuracy.
2. LiDAR is then used to track the swarm to the land mine location.
3. The site must be relatively level in order to maintain line of sight.
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3D Imaging Without Lasers

Direct Dimensions is going Hollywood. They are hosting an open house on February 3 in Los Angeles, CA to highlight the Dimensional Imaging technology. They are able to create 3D still and video images without the use of laser scanners.

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Laser Scanner Standards

1. The ASTM E57.04 Data Interoperability standard will be balloted in the next 30 days.
2. A beta test program is going to be announced at SPAR.
3. The test methods subcommittee is considering a shift to performance specifications.

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Airborne Lidar Detects Algae

1. Detecting thin layers of algae is not a trivial remote sensing problem.
2. The Earth Systems Research Lab recently identified an algal bloom using LiDAR.
3. This was the first time that this had been accomplished.

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The Importance/Value of Software Testing

1. The value of software testing is often taken for granted.
2. The E57.04 Data Interoperability Subcommittee wants to assist vendors with the testing phase.
3. A high level of end user demand for this standard is going to be needed to motivate the vendors to adopt.

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Using Laser Scanning to Catalog a Forest

Treemetrics claims that they are the first in the world to fully automate this process – from data collection to simulated harvest and production. Continue reading

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Global Laser Market to Grow 11% in 2010

1. The global laser market is projected to be almost $6 billion in 2010, according to Laser Focus World.
2. Sales in 2009 were down for the first time since 2000.
3. 3D laser scanners do not seem to represent a significant part of the overall laser market.

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LiDAR Being Used in Haiti Relief Effort

1. The Navy is using LIDAR to survey the harbor and coastal areas in Haiti.
2. The CHARTS system is one of the most sophisticated remote sensing systems in use today.
3. Visit the Red Cross website link to make a donation.

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World’s First LiDAR Windshear Detection System

1. The Hong Kong Observatory won the top ICT award for their LiDAR windshear detection system.
2. Doppler LiDAR is used in non-rainy conditions and Doppler Radar when raining.
3. The system includes the first automatic windshear detection software.
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