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2010 ESRI Survey and Engineering GIS Summit

  1. This year’s ESRI Survey and Engineering GIS Summit will include multiple LiDAR sessions.
  2. It will start 2 days before the User Conference – the largest event of its kind in the world.
  3. The sessions will include a technical workshop and keynote featuring a new indoor mobile mapping application.

This year’s ESRI Survey and Engineering GIS Summit will include multiple sessions incorporating LiDAR data with the ArcGIS environment. I attended last year’s event at the same venue – San Diego, CA and found it to be very informative. This year’s 2 day Summit will start on Saturday July 10 and transition into the ESRI User Conference on Monday. The latter is is one of the world’s largest GIS events with as many as 14,000 people attending.

One of the LiDAR sessions will be a workshop entitled, “Using LiDAR Data in GIS”. This session will include a basic introduction to the data type, surface modeling  as well as some of the advanced 3D modeling that can be done with ArcGIS. One of the keynote sessions will also likely include a discussion of a new, interior mobile LiDAR technology for determining building room dimensions.

This event offers attendees the opportunity to learn about how LiDAR data is being integrated with the world’s leading GIS software as well as the ability to influence the future direction of product development. It’s an important event and a good investment.

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