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LiDAR-Based Software Announced in Copenhagen

1. The Carnegie Institution for Science has developed an easy to use satellite imaging software called CLASlite.
2. It is being combined with LIDAR data to quantify the environmental impact of tropical forest destruction.
3. Carnegie is working with the UN to reach out to organizations around the world and train them in the use of the software.

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Low Cost 2D Mobile Mapping System

1. Oxford Technical Systems has designed a low cost 2D mobile mapping system.
2. If you can live with 10 – 15 cm then this could be worth investigating.
3. Alignment of the scanner and GPS/IMU is critical.

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National Open Topographic LIDAR Facility Gets $1.7 Million

1. The NSF has awarded $1.7 million to SDSC and ASU for the creation of an online LIDAR data website.
2. The goal is to make the access to LIDAR data much easier for end users.
3. This is a similar mission to the USGS CLICK site and I hope the 2 groups will work together.

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Merrick Announces New Release of MARS

If you are looking for production grade LiDAR data processing software the new release of Merrick’s MARS product is worth your time to investigate. Version 6 has just been released, and I asked an early supporter of this blog, Bill Emison, the Product Manager for the highlights: Continue reading

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SPAR 2010 – Mobile Mapping Showcase

Mobile mapping is the hot platform. SPAR 2010 has 7 of the leading mobile mapping vendors signed up to demo their rigs. The ROI for SPAR 2010 is going to be very high.

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Revit and Point Clouds

1. A 15 acre culturally significant site in Saudi Arabia included the ruins of a number of mud buildings. Scanning was the only practical method for capturing the as found condition.
2. Much to the surprise of many AU attendees the firm was able to come up with a workflow that eventually loaded the point clouds into Revit.
3. The Revit product managers need to hear from users that point cloud support is important.

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Visualization Continued

1. The image from the previous post was of the San Andreas fault – wow.
2. A similar land form was identified from a LiDAR survey new Seattle, WA.
3. The NearLondon project may be a forerunner of a much wider, consumer use of laser scanning.
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LiDAR Images and The Power of Visualization

1. I think those of us in the industry tend to take for granted the power of visualization.
2. It is in all of our best interests to spread the use of LiDAR imagery to those who are not part of the 3D laser scanning community.
3. Take the quiz to see if you can guess what the line in this image represents.

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Laser Scanning PlugIn for Google SketchUp

I guess it was inevitable, but then again I was really not expecting a point cloud plugin for SketchUp. Kudos to the innovative minds at Laserscanning Europe GmbH for creating Point-Cab. Need to hear your feedback on this product before … Continue reading

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Modeling a Simulated Prison Riot with Laser Scanning

Teams from 28 states and 14 countries participated in a mock prison riot training exercise in West Virginia this past spring. Valador, a company specializing in using their gaming engine to create real world training simulations was hired to develop … Continue reading

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