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Portable Laser For 3D Forestry

1. The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center’s Forest Ecology Lab has developed a portable, low cost 3D mapping system.
2. This allows 3D mapping of the forest canopy, and is an example of a more intelligent sensor design.
3. This is a lot of opportunity for the 3D imaging industry to develop more integrated hardware/software solutions.

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More Intelligent Sensors

1. There is an opportunity for sensors to become more intelligent.
2. The new Z/I RMK-D digital aerial camera may some day be integrated with a laser scanner to extract features at the sensor.
3. NASA’s High Resolution Stereo Camera is capable of automatically producing stereo images, including quality checks.
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My sincere apologies for the issues with the site last week. INTERGEO, the world’s largest “geo – everything” show is next week in Germany. I am hoping that some of you who are attending will share your insights with LiDAR … Continue reading

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Tiling LiDAR Data

1. Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne noted that he thinks tiled LiDAR data should include an overlap.
2. This would allow 32-bit software to mosaic the tiles and eliminate edge effects.
3. Applied Imagery’s 64 bit version of QT Modeler is an alternative.

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New ASPRS LiDAR Procurement Guidelines

1. The ASPRS in conjunction with ACSM and MAPPS has developed a new guideline for the procurement of professional services including LiDAR mapping.
2. This is the result of over 3 years of work, establishing qualifications, not price as the primary method of selection.
3. The Guidelines can be used as a resource to educate novice customers about the technology and process, while reducing the likelihood of a low ball price being submitted.

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High Power Plugin for 3DS Max

1. Alice Labs has ported their Studio Clouds point cloud plug from Maya to 3D Studio Max.
2. It can reportedly handle billions of points smoothly and efficiently.
3. This allows for streamlined rendering and modeling with the point cloud in the background.
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New Products from Leica Geosystems

1. Leica has announced the ScanStation C10 and Cyclone 7.
2. It is interesting to see the direction that this new technology seems to be emphasizing.
3. Surveyors will be more comfortable with some of the new features, but can they afford them.
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