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Turning 2D into 3D

1. Safe Software announced support for automating the process of building 3D models from 2D data.
2. UMASS intends to use LiDAR data to go to the next level of creating photo realistic models.
3. It would seem that campus scale 3D models are projects worth pursuing.
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Adding Intelligence to Point Clouds

1. Modeling is expensive and time consuming.
2. The ideal solution would support point clouds, surface meshes and CAD models equally.
3. It would be nice if we could start over, but maybe one of the innovators will break through.
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Update on GSA Laser Scanning IDIQ RFP

Unfortunately I do not have much to report on this RFP, but I’ll tell you what I know. I originally blogged on this in the middle of April. Linking into yesterday’s post, the GSA announced onĀ  May 8 that the … Continue reading

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Is Laser Scanning a Professional Service?

1. If laser scanning is a professional service then should it be covered by the Brooks Act?
2. There is also a related issue with scanning and surveying licensure.
3. If the scanning services are in support of architectural or engineering services then I think Brooks should apply.

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Processing LiDAR Data with the Cloud

Well thanks to Tina Carey it appears that at least one group is researching the possible benefits of using massive clusters of computers – the Cloud to process LiDAR data. The SDSC – the San Diego Supercomputer Center has received funding from the National Science Foundation. Described as “massive spatial data sets”, they are high-resolution topographic data obtained with airborne LiDAR. Continue reading

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3D Imaging and “The Cloud”

1. I feel as though I must blog about THE CLOUD.
2. Salesforce switched from being a leader in SAAS to the cloud – next paradigm shift.
3. Does anyone see the cloud being used to process large files?

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Shifting Gears

1. By naming this blog LiDAR News I did not intend to focus only on the airborne platform.
2. It is a challenge to maintain interest outside one’s area of expertise.
3. Michael Raphael at Direct Dimensions has done a great job of applying 3D imaging to a wide range of industries.

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LiDAR Course and LAS Utility

1. Penn State will begin to offer an online LiDAR course in the fall.
2. There is an online quiz to see if you are qualified.
3. libLAS is an alternative to LASUtility, and it’s FREE.
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1. LASUtility is a software that offers a number of handy tools for working with LAS data.
2. These include trimming and stitching, as well as graphical display for those who cannot even open an LAS file.
3. The licensing needs to be investigated in more detail.
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The Training Dilemma

Is there still a shortage of trained laser scanning professionals, given the current economy? US federal job re-training funds are restricted to job categories where there are not enough applicants for open positions. There really is only on the job … Continue reading

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