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Remote Sensing

1. I am seeing and hearing about the benefits of combining LiDAR with spectral imaging.
2. There is often a wide gap between the promise of hyperspectral imaging and reality.
3. If there is a synergy between LiDAR and spectral imaging, beyond a DTM I am sure it would be of interest.
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LiDAR Conference Update

1. AGRG in Nova Scotia has 2 openings for their outstanding airborne LiDAR Summer Institute.
2. IEEE is sponsoring a 2 day workshop on 3D imaging in Kyoto, Japan October 3 and 4th, 2009.
3. iRobot has built a FLASH LADAR camera that has significant consumer applications.
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1. Stanford University’s Center for Integrated Facility Engineering is sponsoring a Summer Program.
2. One session will be in DC at the GSA next week and a repeat at Stanford in September.
3. The focus will be on changing the culture of the industry as much as technology.

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1. FLASH LADAR captures an entire scene with a single laser pulse.
2. This can significantly increase data capture rates and support time dependent 3D movies.
3. Is this the future direction for 3D laser scanning?

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Mobile Boost

1. Joe Bima has provided information on the level of funds committed by state DOT.
2. Mobile data acquisition may be the only hope for some of the DOTs to get their projects started, or lose the money.
3. Bill Gutelius pointed me to ClearEdge 3D who claims to be able to automatically extract a 3D CAD model from a terrestrial laser scan.
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1. A quick check on the economic recovery seems to indicate that we have bottomed, and that the laser scanning industry is holding its own.
2. The US seems to be hit the hardest, but the US government is priming the pump.
3. Less than 10% of the $125 billion available from US agencies has been spent when health care and social security are removed.

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