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1. Dr. Habib, from the Univ. of Calgary is one of the experts in this area.
2. LiDAR is much more of a black box than photogrammetry in terms of system calibration.
3. QA occurs before the data collection and QC after.
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3D Fusion

1. The convergence of BIM, CAD and 3D visualization is the most important driver for the future of our industry.
2. The OGC is sponsoring a 3D Fusion Summit.
3. The key players have an opportunity to get involved with the OGC’s 3DIM Working Group.
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Precision Forestry

1. Precision agriculture was one of the early killer GPS consumer apps – the farmers could never afford it.
2. ImageTree – the Precision Forestry company just received an investment from the CIA.
3. Determining stand volume, remotely is the holy grail for foresters. Did ImageTree find it?
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YouTube and 3D Laser Scanning

I have received some feedback lately that I need to add more imagery to In the Scan. So I thought I would go the next step and see what I could find on YouTube.

I just did a search on “3D Laser Scanning”. I came up with 661 hits. Amazing! This first one is a general overview of how laser scanning works, which if you need to explain this to someone starting from scratch, perhaps even your partner or kids, might be very helpful. Continue reading

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3D Data on Spec

Airborne 1 has created LIDARDATA.COM as a repository for aerial data worldwide. The price of data could be lowered significantly if it were resold to many customers. Is there an opportunity to build intelligent 3D models as part of a … Continue reading

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Neo-3D Laser Scanning

1. Neo-GIS is the less technical, consumer side of the use of the technology.
2. The GSA 3D-4D-BIM program is perhaps an example of how best to position laser scanning technology.
3. Is it too early for neo-laser scanning, or could we save 20 to 30 years of ramp up?

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1. The NEURISA workshop was a great example of the value of local education.
2. Their are still many organizational challenges to the acceptance of 3D and laser scanning.
3. With care automated feature extraction and a significant reduction in the need for breaklines is achievable.
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