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It’s a Small World

1. Small scale is defined as up to 100 cubic mm, and mid range up to 3 meters in the metrology world.
2. Reverse engineering requires the capture of design intent, i.e. an intelligent 3D CAD model as the deliverable.
3. SME has a 3D Imaging Tech Group looking at standards and an upcoming conference.
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1. Many of the key players were present at the ASPRS special mobile lidar mapping session.
2. The georeferencing component is the limiting factor in achieving the desired accuracy.
3. Additional data attributes are being collected in order to support more automated feature extraction.
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Day 2 at ASPRS 2009

1. The LiDAR industry reminds me a little of the California Gold Rush.
2. Brad Dorn highlighted the value of ASPRS as a standards body, and of the PE&RS journal.
3. Full waveform analysis was the hot LiDAR technology trend at the conference.
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Report #1 from ASPRS 2009

1. This is the 75th annual APSPRS Conference – amazing.
2. The are over 20 conference presentations involving LiDAR.
3. ASPRS is going to produce an official LiDAR Manual publication. Continue reading

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Now We’re Walkin’

1. The consumer market for scanning is starting to make its move.
2. eSoles and Pressure Profiling Systems have developed the world’s most advanced foot scanning kiosk.
3. This is the perfect time to think outside the box.

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Corridor Surveys

1. Corridor mapping is one of those 3D surveying applications where LiDAR is the only practical solution.
2. One of the most innovative firms in this space is Albatroz Engineering based in Lisbon, Portugal.
3. This is a potential market for local firms through strategic partnerships.
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1. The 3rd Annual Wildland Fire Mitigation Conference will be in Reno April 17-19.
2. Forensic applications of LiDAR technology are an important market.
3. This is another important driver for adopting industry standards.
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We’re Going Mo-bile

1. Mobile is the HOT laser scanning technology. The key players will be at Spar 2009.
2. The business case is closer to investing in an airborne sensor than a tripod mounted scanner.
3. Don’t underestimate the political and workflow roadblocks associated with disruptive technology.
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3D City Models

1. This could be the most important market opportunity for 3D laser scanning.
2. The OGC and ISO have developed important database standards.
3. Berlin, Germany and Glasgow, Scotland are excellent examples.
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Industry Standards – Who Needs Them?

1. The lack of standards is holding back the laser scanning industry.
2. Developing the standard tests is not as easy as calibrating a 100′ steel tape, but it needs to be done.
3. The ASTM E57 3D Imaging committee is working on developing standards, but more support is needed.
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