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Day 1 at Spar 2009

1. The first day at Spar 2009 was jam packed with info and inspiration.
2. The GSA is going to issue an RFP this week for laser scanning services.
3. David Evans and Associates claims a reduction in greenhouse gases of 90% for mobile vs. manual.

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Spar 2009 Bootcamp

1. The first event on the agenda was the Spar Boot Camp.
2. It was standing room only for a series of industry experts.
3. The Q & A went on for nearly an hour.
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CMSC 2009

1. The Coordinate Metrology Society – CMS is hosting their 25th anniversary conference July 20 -24.
2. Laser scanning is just one of the technologies used for close tolerance industrial 3D metrology.
3. We need to establish better lines of communication with CMS professionals and the metrology world.

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1. Thanks to an In the Scan reader today’s blog is all about Interface – a laser scanning consortium.
2. Unavco is funded by NSF and NASA. They manage the Interface consortium.
3. This is a model for other parts of the US and perhaps other countries.

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The Laser Scanning Consortium

1. Laser scanning is the fuel for 3D design engines.
2. A group of like minded people could lower the risk of investing in a laser scanner by forming a consortium.
3. The New Hampshire GPS consortium has been successfully doing this for 20 years.

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Time Is Money

1. The construction industry has shown a decline in productivity over the past 30 years.
2. 3D laser scanning holds the potential along with machine guidance, to reverse this trend.
3. Tunneling is one of the most obvious places where laser scanning can be invaluable.

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Boot Camp Training

1. Spar 2009 will host 2 industry Boot Camps on March 29, 2009.
2. The 3D laser scanning industry needs a long term education and a short term training strategy.
3. We need to document the demand for training and education in order to move the industry forward.
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Public/Private Education Partnership at OSU – Google and Scanning

1. OSU, Leica and David Evans have formed a partnership to promote geomatics education programs.
2. They see 3D, including LiDAR as their competitive advantage.
3. Google is using the Velodyne 64 scanner.
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1. I have had Ph.D.’s in mathematics argue both sides of this issue.
2. GIS pros are more comfortable with a raster DTM, while engineers prefer the TIN method.
3. Choose the method that best suits the problem and preserves data integrity.
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LiDAR Textbook & Automated Road Network Extraction

1. A positive feedback loop is beginning to develop with readers submitting information.
2. There is a LIDAR textbook that I just became aware of and 2 new digital documentation conferences – one in VA and the other in Japan.
3. TerraSim is working on an SBIR to improve the automation of extracting road networks.
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