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Cultural Heritage

1. Ben Kacyra and Jerry Dimsdale invented the first commercial laser scanner.
2. Their company Cyrax was sold to Leica Geosystems, and Ben founded CyArk – the leading cultural heritage organization in the world.
3. Doug Pritchard is hosting Digital Documentation 2009, April 22 and 23 in Glasgow, Scotland.
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Global Airborne LIDAR Market Report

1. Cary and Associates of Longmont, CO. has just issued a detailed report on the global airborne LIDAR market.
2. The report analyzes the market from 2005 to 2008, finding demand growing faster than supply.
3. Growth for software and services should continue in the the 11 to 20% range into 2012.
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More is Better?

There are applications, such as floodplain mapping where the more dense the point cloud the better.
LiDAR is a powerful 3D measurement technology, not a complete solution.
Please provide your opinions so that we can use this as a platform to advance the industry.
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EFTN – Elevation for the Nation and SilviLaser 2009

The USGS gets $140 million, in part for LiDAR mapping.
This will help to move the EFTN concept forward.
The forestry industry needs to be aware of SilviLaser 2009. Continue reading

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The Point Cloud – Friend or Foe?

1. Laser scanners are dumb – they produce far too many points.
2. Intelisum uses the point cloud to produce a more useful digital image.
3. Quantapoint produces Laser Models from the point clouds.
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It’s Hard to Compete with Free

There is a trend developing in the laser scanning marketplace for companies to make increasingly powerful software available for free. This is part of a business strategy to sell other products/services. It will be interesting to see where it leads. Continue reading

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Automated Feature Extraction – The Search for the Holy Grail

Automated feature classification/extraction is not an easy problem to solve.

2. A pixel by pixel approach is not the way to go.

3. A multi-sensor, data fusion approach seems to hold more promise.

4. This is actually a remote sensing, image processing problem. Continue reading

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The Laser Scanning Innovator’s Dilemma

Prof. Clayton Christenson’s seminal work entitled, “The Innovator’s Dilemma” is a must read for laser scanning industry pioneers. You cannot trust your existing customers to help you launch a new technology – that is the dilemma. In the final analysis it can’t be about scanning – the technology, it has to be about the value that can be derived from the use of a scanner. Continue reading

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DIAL – Differential Absorption LIDAR

This is an introduction to the use of Differential Absorption LIDAR, or DIAL to identify various atmospheric conditions. Continue reading

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Laser Scanning Conference Planning

This is a listing of upcoming laser scanning/LIDAR conferences with some of the key sessions highlighted. Continue reading

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