Pegasus: Stream – Integrated Above and Below Ground 3D Data Collection

leica_pegasus_stream_keyvisual_PIC_655x180Imagine being able to collect 3D data with a platform that integrates above and below ground 3D information into a unified system. Enter the Leica Geosystems Pegasus: Stream.

According to Leica Geosystems the Pegasus:Stream is the only vehicle towed reality capturing sensor solution providing an integrated hardware platform including ground penetrating radar, cameras, and a Lidar profiler for an extensive 3D map of underground utilities and a survey-grade surface features and asset management survey for engineering by leveraging our external trigger and sync outputs. Simply fly-in, collect, then fly-out. No dedicated or modified vehicles are required, batteries are included. Measure the unlimited.

This could be a game changer.

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1 Response to Pegasus: Stream – Integrated Above and Below Ground 3D Data Collection

  1. Sivaram says:

    Would like to how the systems works for under ground? What kind of features can be captured under ground and upto what depth?
    Please render the details.
    Thank you.

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