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12 Days of Laser Scanning from 2021

image of AT&T Stadium 12 Days of Laser Scanning
12 Days of Laser Scanning

12 Days of Laser Scanning – Ryan Hacker, CEO TruePoint Laser Scanning

This year TruePoint Laser Scanning has scanned entire football stadiums, historical landmarks, state-of-the-art theaters, manufacturing facilities and so much more. The team’s expertise and attention to detail delivers accurate site data and intelligent models for every project. Having as built data in a digital platform helps our clients plan their project, eliminate risk and create accurate project timelines. We have put an immense amount of passion into each one of our projects and we are excited to share them with you. TruePoint presents the “12 Days of Laser Scanning.”

1. Tool Manufacturing Facility
Westminster, South Carolina

425,000 sq ft of space was 3D laser scanned to capture as built site data for an upcoming project at a tool manufacturing facility. A registered point cloud was converted to a LOD 300 Revit model and 2D CAD plans. In two weeks on site, taking 2,192 laser scans, two project managers captured every structural and MEP detail.

2. St David’s Church
Austin, Texas

One of the oldest standing buildings in Austin suffered damages during a winter storm and was in need of renovation. No as built documentation existed for this 3-story church. 19,000 sq ft was scanned with the Leica RTC360 laser scanner. In 149 scans, every detail was measured and documented. An LOD 200 Revit 3D model was delivered to the client.

3. AT&T Stadium
Arlington, Texas

TruePoint captured the existing conditions of this NFL stadium for our client to create virtual fans for Fox Sports. The existing spatial layout was captured in .rcp format, including the stadium footprint, field, aisles, seating, columns, roof, Jumbotron, score board and field goal posts. 3D laser scanning can be used to create engaging virtual reality experiences.

4. Steel Mill Conveyor
Convent, Louisiana

TruePoint 3D laser scanned a 2,000 LF conveyor and delivered point cloud data for the client to confirm exact measurements and dimensions before installing new safety guards. Intensity map point cloud data and TruViews were quickly uploaded to a secure file sharing platform for the client.


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