Webinar on Ortho and LiDAR Accuracies

The team at Aerial Services, Inc. recorded this webinar this past July. After a quick registration you can have access to the full webinar and slide deck, all for no charge.

Thanks to Aerial Services for making this available.

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2 Responses to Webinar on Ortho and LiDAR Accuracies

  1. John W. Veatch PLS says:

    I am looking for strategic partners to work with me on developing a new land surveying system that will take the profession to the next level of technology. I have a team of GIS experts who will incorporate this new technology into my system. We are currently using aerial based Lidar & Digital Imagery in our land title surveys, mobile Lidar is the next step. If you have Lidar or similar mobile technology that can produce professional land surveyor accuracies we need to talk. I am looking for centimeter or decimeter level accuracies for imagery. The XYZ coordinates are critical but if your system can give me decimeter in the Z value I need to see it. I have already completed over 40,000 land title surveys & my clients are asking for my improved product.

    John W. Veatch PLS
    Image Land Survey patent # 54114462

  2. mike tully says:

    Call our office in Cedar Falls and ask for me, Mike Tully. I would be happy to discuss with you.

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