USIBD 2016 Symposium

2016_Symposium_Landscape300pxwideThe USIBD is hosting their 2nd Annual Symposium, “Discovering the Built Environment” in Atlanta, GA October 16 and 17. The event features a day and a half with professionals in building documentation, for a series of quick-fire presentations, and a course in the use and best practices of USIBD’s Level of Accuracy (LOA) document.

The goal of the LOA Document Certification Program is to provide an overview, training, testing and certification of individuals with the LOA documents.  Individuals can then utilize this certification when discussing the LOA documents with clients and colleagues.  Individuals who pass the test will be certified based upon Version 2 of the document. 

The training will be on Sunday afternoon. There is no additional charge for this. The certification test (includes one retest) fee is $100.

Early registration ends August 31 for the Symposium.

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