Unsolved 3D Laser Scanning Problems

I attended a 2 day project management seminar that was offered by Pragmatic Marketing. The instructor was one of the highest impact people you will ever meet, but I don’t think he is on the current list. I could not recommend their classes anymore highly.

The Founder and CEO, Craig Stull has written a very important and largely counter intuitive book entitled, Tuned In. The six step process to create a product or service that resonates with people and essentially sells itself begins with interviewing people in their work setting to uncover unsolved problems.

What Craig has found is that most companies do not do this. They sit in their offices and dream up and/or guess what potential customers want. As Craig says, “Your opinion, although interesting is irrelevant.”

So I have the idea that we can assemble the top five unsolved 3D laser scanning problems, if you are willing to help. Please send in your suggestions.

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