Underwater LIDAR Research Project

Michael Murray recently contacted me about a very interesting underwater research project that he is managing. Michael is a new Ph.D. student from the United States who is enrolled at the University of Southampton in the UK and has also started to work for Wessex Archaeology, Ltd. as a Maritime Archaeologist.

He reports, “I wanted to announce an exciting new study starting this year that will involve the use of LIDAR technology underwater as it pertains to its effective and innovative use for analyzing historic shipwreck remains in their original underwater context.”

Michael has been fortunate enough to win a contract that gives him fullĀ use, under a subsidized grant of the ULS-200 UW scanning device by 2G Robotics to conduct this groundbreaking study in the field of maritime archaeology. To this end, I will be working with the Centre for Maritime Archaeology, 2G Robotics, the National Oceanographic Centre here in the UK, and Wessex Archaeology, Ltd. to accomplish this.

Michael is also seeking new partners who might like to get involved and that will perhaps lead to some additional funding opportunities. Contact:

Michael Murray <nautarcher@gmail.com>

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One Response to Underwater LIDAR Research Project

  1. John Lisa says:

    I am starting to feel envious, because I have not been surveying for over two and a half years. I need to keep up with the ever expanding new technology with LiDAR, etc.

    The updates about LiDAR are always a good thing for me to read about. I am glad to be on your website.


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